Vintage Star Trek (1979) Matchbook

I wanted to post this vintage Star Trek Matchbook from the 1979 motion picture, mainly to cross-post to this blog post: Unfortunate apparel of 1980: The official Star Trek duty jacket

The original advertisement there mentions Deluxe Duty Jacket cost $95 plus postage & packing, and came complete with BLINKING LIGHTS!

There was a less expensive "Standard Duty Jacket, which cost $40 and was for 'those who prefer a less costly item.' It had no LED system or metallic flecks..." 

The matchbook above had an address of 1278 Mercantile St, Oxnard, guess is this was just a fulfillment warehouse for Paramount Pictures. The special offer inside the matchbook did indeed improve on the cost of the the magazine ad it was $40 plus shipping, but in the matchbook, the jacket was just $23 plus shipping. The offer expired December 31, 1980. I suppose it's POSSIBLE these jackets were already surplus-ed by Paramount and someone else was just clearing out the remains. 

I do happen to know a lot of movie promotional items end up getting tossed into the dumpster, so hopefully many took advantage of the offer, to keep these jackets from adding to the landfill! I tried searching for one on ebay...but was not successful. Perhaps few have survived.

This matchbook was part of a large estate collection of matches spanning the PNW from the 1960s-1980s, or until about the start of no smoking regulations which put an end to 'complimentary matchbooks'. This was one of my favourites. Maybe I will post a few more...

Keep on Trekkin!